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Premium Shipping Service for Your Advanced Luggage Arrival

Our premium shipping services are designed to reduce the hassle and stress of traveling with your luggage. We work with the best shipping partners in the industry to ship your luggage and we provide all the last mile services, making sure your luggage arrives at your vacation when you do. Premium Shipping Service is set up to receive and safely store shipped luggage for up to 30 days prior to your arrival in Park City.

Never worrying about timing the arrival of your shipped luggage with check-in day, or juggling retrieval from a carrier facility. We take the hassle and guess work out of shipping your luggage to a vacation rental. We coordinate the shipping and receive your luggage up-to 30 days in advance of your arrival, securely store luggage until your check-in day and then delivery your luggage directly to your vacation rental at check-in. 

When it’s time to head home after vacation, we will retrieve your luggage from your vacation rental and coordinate return shipping with our luggage shipping partners. 


Get Ready to Travel Hands Free!

Shipping your luggage is easy. Simply Click on the Button below to fill out our booking form. We provide you a quote from our trusted partners’ shipping partners Luggage Free and Ship Skis. You choose the options that work best for you and we take care of the rest!

Premium Service Includes storage/One delivery Service/One pick-up Service for 4-bags of any size. Additional luggage items can be added for a small fee. All luggage items are delivered on your selected check-in day between 4 pm-5 pm or 5 pm-6 pm. Shipping fees are not included in premium service but can be arranged with your preferred shipping provider or through our luggage shipping partners Luggage Free, Luggage Forward. When shipping your luggage use the shipping address below. Do not ship your luggage directly to your vacation rental. If you have questions or need assistance booking, please call.

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When Shipping Please Use this Address

Mobile Luggage Valet
50 Shadow Ridge Rd.
Park City, UT, 84060  

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