Mobile Luggage Valet Service

Mobile Luggage Valet
We Come to You!

There's more to explore and your luggage shouldn't slow you down! If your vacation rental in Park City doesn't come with luggage storage for your early arrival or late departure, we can help keep the adventure going by picking up and storing your luggage until check-in or until you're ready to leave town on your time.
If you need luggage storage service during your Park City vacation and the convenience of curbside pick-up and delivery is appealing then this service is built for you!
One bag or ten bags, we've got you covered. Simply book your bags and then book either a Luggage Pick-Up, a Luggage Delivery, or BOTH!

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Luggage Pick-Up

Book Luggage Pick-Up...

πŸ”˜ If you'd like your bags picked up in the morning before check-out and held until you collect them from our walk-in location later in the day.

πŸ”˜ If you're required to check-out of your vacation rental but plan to ski the Park City Village Base area or explore the Main Street and you want to collect your bags from our walk-in location before departing Park City.

πŸ”˜ If you've arrived in town prior to your check-in time and you'd like us to pick-up your luggage at any location in the greater Park City area instead of coming to our walk-in location.

Luggage Drop-Off

Book Luggage Drop-off...

πŸ”˜ If we picked-up your luggage earlier in the day and you'd like it delivered at check-in rather than collecting it at our walk-in location.  

πŸ”˜ If you dropped your luggage off at our walk-in location but you don't want to come to collect it later in the day. 

Round-Trip Service

Consider Round Trip Luggage Pick-Up and Drop-Off...

 πŸ”˜ If you arrive in town and we picked-up your luggage, consider having us deliver it at check-in. 

 πŸ”˜ If you're not staying in downtown Park City and you would like to avoid traffic and the hassle by having us pick-up and drop-off your luggage

 πŸ”˜ If you're staying in a vacation rental in one end of town but plan to depart from the opposite end of town our team can pick-up, store and then drop-off your luggage so you don't have to navigate the area.

         πŸšΆπŸ½β€β™€οΈIf we are booked for your desired booking window, please consider using our Walk-In service options or call to see if our routing can accommodate your service window.

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