Valet Luggage Service

Storage | Pick-Up | Delivery

Walk-In Luggage Valet

Luggage Storage Centrally Located and Easily Accessible

Located at the base of Park City Mountain Village in the Shadow Ridge Hotel

Vacation Lockers

Your Gear's All Here!
Need Storage for an Extended Period of Time?
We Can Store Your Gear and Luggage for a Couple Days, a Couple Months, or for an Entire Year.

Avoid the hassle and expense of hauling your gear and luggage back and forth between trips to Park City or even between seasons.

Mobile Luggage Valet

Luggage Valet Service for In-Town Arrivals and Departures

Mobile Luggage Valet service includes the option for pick-up and/or delivery of your luggage from any Park City Location or Vacation Rental.

We Store So You Can Explore!

There’s more to explore and your luggage shouldn’t slow you down!

If your vacation rental in Park City doesn’t come with luggage storage for your early arrival or late departure, we can help keep the adventure going by picking up and storing your luggage until check-in or until you’re ready to leave town on your time.

                     We Pick-Up

If you’ve arrived in town before your check-in time or you want to keep the adventure going after your check-out time, we will pick up your luggage and gear curbside and keep it safe and secure until it’s delivered back to you. We also offer Walk-In luggage storage and Shipped Luggage service if you want to ship your luggage prior to arrival.

We Store While You Explore

We securely store your luggage while you continue to explore all Park City has to offer. Stroll Main Street shopping for the latest styles or grab a bite to eat while waiting for check-in. If your flight is scheduled for late in the day you can keep the adventure going luggage-free until you’re ready to leave town on your terms.

                         We Deliver

When it’s time to check in to your vacation rental or you’re heading out of town we deliver your securely stored luggage back to you curbside at the location you designate. Delivery is optional for Walk-In luggage storage service.


Additional Services

Shipped Luggage Valet

Premium Last Mile Service for Guests that Ship Luggage in Advance of Arrival

Premium Shipped service includes the receiving of shipped luggage, storage for up to 30 days, delivery to vacation rental on check-in day and the pick up and coordination of luggage return shipping

Package Services

We can collect and hold packages you have shipped prior to your arrival or while you're in town.

Most vacation rentals either don't allow you to ship items to their address or there may not be a safe place to leave packages once delivered. If you don't have an address to ship your packages for your stay or you're worried about the timing of delivery, ship those packages our way and we'll handle all the details. From receiving, storing and safely getting them to you on your arrival, we'll handle all the details.