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Luggage Storage

Centrally Located and Easily Accessible

Spending the day in Park City and want easy, safe and convenient storage for your bags, drop them in with us.

Park City Mobile Luggage Valet is the only dedicated luggage storage facility in Park City. When you entrust your bags to us they’re insured, never unsecured or unattended, our staff is focussed on your luggage not another job or duties. When you arrive every bag is tagged, security seals added, and your bags are insured and never left unattended. Don’t leave your valuable gear and luggage in an unsecure corner or overflow space of an office with no attendant, security or insurance.

If you’re checking into a vacation rental later in the day ask about curbside delivery at check-in or add delivery to your order at booking.

Need Your Luggage Picked-up at Check-out and stored until Departure? Book Our Morning Mobile Luggage Option Here.

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